Monday, July 29, 2013

Live Blood Analysis: Leukocytosis

We were testing out some blood specimens yesterday we used a methylene blue I was testing some mountants for peripheral blood smears.
Stain used: methylene blue, polychromed by boiling with Na2CO3 for about 30 minutes. The smear was heat-fixed, brought to alcohol and then xylene, and finally covered with mounting medium and a cover slip. Thick smear leukocytes

 The CMOS eyepiece camera is a great way to get micro-critters onto a video screen, but it doesn’t show quite as much detail as the human eye can see looking through the eyepiece. However, you can see from the photo that there appears to be a mix of immune-response cells.

 On another note, you will notice there are no erythrocytes visible. The polychromed methylene blue is normally treated with eosin to give a Romanowsky stain; this reveals both red and white cells. The white cells’ cytoplasm collapsed or degraded severely in both test specimens after about a week, except in those areas where it was apparently stabilized  in the thicker regions of the smear.

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