Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Tips for Purchasing a Microscope

1. Avoid Purchasing from a Chain Retailer: It is not advised you purchase a microscope from a nature store and/or toy store. These are almost always poor quality and are not intended for actual professional grade use and observations. Try to get a microscope at a student or professional level. 
2. Try to Avoid Plastic Parts : It is ok if some digital microscopes have plastic screens and attachments but do try to refrain from purchasing a microscope with mainly plastic parts. Especially a plastic frame, eyepiece, and stage. 
3. Try to Keep your budget above $200.00 USD: Generally speaking, $200-$400 USD is a fair price for a student microscope or beginner microscope. Look for frames, focusing systems, and stands to be made of quality materials.
4. Look for Separate Course and Fine Focus Features: Look for a microscope with both coarse and fine focus settings, this will provide better clarity and image quality when using an attachable USB digital camera hooked up to a PC or TV.
5. Look for Halogen Lighting: Halogen lighting is ideal for its clarity and noticeable brightness. 

6. Look for Glass Lenses: Glass plan optics are of greater quality and are suitable for professional and lab use. Semi-plan lenses are idea for schools, students, and hobbyists.
7. Consider a Mechanical Stage: A mechanical stage allows for easier movability and can handle a larger project and/or specimen. Mechanical stages are essential for medical and laboratory microscope work. 

A great beginner microscope at a reasonable price is our Industrial Inspection Monocular Microscope Zoom 7x-90x.

Product Features Include:

  • Height adjustable holder ready for attaching ring light
  • High definition images
  • High quality eyepieces
  • Ready to connect to USB digital camera
  • Zoom lenses 7x~90x, crystal clear at any point
  • Long working distance allow enough lighting options
  • Sharp images over a wide field view
  • Metal stand and framework
  • Product GS and CE approved
  • Manufacturer in business 30+ years

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