Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Compound Microscopes

What's the difference between a compound and stereo microscope? Many beginners are unsure of which model to purchase due to their lack of knowledge about both types of microscopes. This article will touch on the differences between a compound microscope and a stereo microscope and discuss the main purposes of a compound microscope.

The main difference between a compound and stereo microscope are that a compound microscope is ideal for transparent specimens and a stereo microscope is ideal for denser specimens such as gems, rocks, and minerals. Compound microscopes are higher in power than a stereo microscope and have higher magnification power. Compound microscopes are suitable for use in laboratories, hospitals, and schools. 

Compound microscopes are traditional microscopes that are designed with a compound lens system. A compound microscope typically has a rotatable lens system with various objective powers. Compound microscopes are ideal for high powered specimens due to their bottom light source and need for the specimen to be on a slide. Visual observations with a compound microscope are typically two dimensional and can be observed in a number of microscopy techniques depending on the lighting method used. 

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