Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Focus a Microscope

Focusing your microscope is the key to getting the clear image quality you expect out of your microscope. When first looking at a specimen, the item will almost always never be focused. Learning how to focus your microscope is the essential step to assure proper observations and results. 

Here a five easy steps for focusing your microscope:
1. Place prepared slide underneath the viewing tray of the microscope and secure with clips 

2. Look through your eyepiece and determine if you can see the specimen. The specimen may be fuzzy and/or unrecognizable.

3. Turn the coarse focus knob slowly. Continue turning the coarse focus knob until the specimen becomes recognizable.

4. Next slowly turn the fine focus knob until the image becomes sharper and clear. At this point small details about the the specimen should be crystal clear. 

5. Adjust the diaphragm of the microscope to ensure the entire specimen is in your peripheral view. 

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