Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Current Event: Quantum Biology could open up path for Solar Technology

Students and researchers from the University of Chicago have recently created a synthetic compound that is similar to quantum dynamics observed in photosynthesis. This may lead to further advances in solar energy technology. Engineering quantum effects into synthesis light devices is possible in the future.

Chicago University researchers have created a small molecule that support long lived quantum coherences. 

  • Coherences are the macroscopically observable behavior of quantum super-positions. 
  • Superpositions are quantum mechanical concept where a single particle, such as an electron, occupies more than one state
  • Photosynthetic Antennae are proteins that organize chlorophyll 

Research Results/ Summary: 
Improved efficiency in the transferring of energy from the parts of the cell that convert directly from solar energy to chemical energy. New results show that this new form of energy can be directly applied to man-made compound(s).

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