Monday, June 24, 2013


The following is a list of descriptions of the various types of objectives available for your microscope.

 Achromat Objectives - these are the most basic high power microscope objectives. Typically the outer edge of the circular image seen through the microscope will be slightly out of focus due to the curvature of the lens.

Semi-Plan Achromat Objectives - these are one step up from basic microscope objectives in that the field of viewhas been corrected a bit and the outer edges will be in focus more than the standard achromat lens.

Plan Achromat Objectives - these microscope objectives have been corrected for lens curvature and the entire image plane is flat and in focus

Plan Apochromat Objectives - These objectives have been corrected for four colors chromatically and spherically. Best used for critical resolution and color photomicrography.

Plan Fluorite Objectives - these microscope objective lenses are corrected for four wavelengths, but not quite as extensively as plan apochromat objectives.

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