Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Tips

It's once again that time of year for students. A time of new classes, new teachers and an entire year of learning and discovery for students as a new school year is in their horizon. Below are some helpful tips for keeping your student organized and focused all school year long. 

Use binders for organizing projects or subjects. Create a science binder that you will fill up all year long with images and projects.

Create a science storage area where the kids can access supplies when needed, but also know how to put scientific instruments away to protect them. If you have a microscope, store it in a case, or keep the microscope dust cover on it when not in use. 

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Create hands-on experimental learning experiences at home. Make an effort to take children on after school educational outings and talk to them about their learning experiences. Reinforcing what they have learned in school is an excellent way to sharpen their skills in science. 

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