Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fluorescence Microscopy Tips

The images you take are only as good as your equipment. So take time to take care of your equipment on a regular basis; clean objectives, cover slips, and ensure your microscope has the proper setup.

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Most objectives are designed for a cover-slip that is .17mm thick. If you fail to use the proper cover-slip, you will lose image clarity and sharpness. Although cover-slip thickness can range anywhere from .08mm to .25mm in thickness, .17mm is the most common and optimal for most microscopes.

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Slides are also another component that vary in quality. Research your brands and find out which is the best for your type of microscope.

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For further tips we recommend referencing the following text:
"A Guide to Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy" (2010) Schermelleh et al. J Cell Bio.
"Live Cell Microscopy- Tips and Tools" (2009) Frigault et al. J Cell Sci.


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