Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brightfield Illumination Microscopy

The great thing about purchasing a bright-field microscope from MicroscopeNet is that it has a built in illumination that will directly reflect light onto the slide. Bright-field microscopes are great for observing stained samples that absorb larger areas of light. They are also excellent for observing naturally stained samples that allow a lot of light to reflect through.

The total bright-field system utilizes light from an lower source that allows the user to view magnified objects through an ocular lens. The condenser lens below the stage will direct the light through the specimen, making for a highly detailed image. This form of microscopy is best  for microbiology and botany. 

We recommend the Brightfield & Darkfield Kohler Microscope with 9.0 USB Camera 

40-2000X Brightfield/Darkfield Kohler Microscope+9.0M USB Camera

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