Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Uses for Digital Microscopes

A digital microscope is the combination of a standard light microscope with a digital camera and accompanying software. The advantage of using a digital microscope is the ability to display images of the specimen on a computer monitor or TV screen and then save them as either still images or motion video to a hard drive.

Below are examples of excellent used for digital microscopes: 
1. Media taken with a digital microscope allow you to accurately measure, manipulate and study the subject matter on a much larger scale.
2. Media taken from digital microscopes can be used in reports, presentations, or assessments. They can easily be shared through email, across the web, or in lectures with colleagues or students. One digital microscope eliminates the need for one microscope per student because the same image can be viewed by the entire class when it is projected onto a screen.
3. Digital microscopes are useful in a variety of different fields such as biology, chemistry, and earth science. Low power digital microscopes are used frequently in gemology and manufacturing.
4. Digital video microscopes provide the ability to view small parts on large screens thereby reducing eye straining. These are extremely useful for the quality assurance team of manufacturing facilities.

40X-2000X Infinity Siedentopf LED Microscope+Built-in 5MP Camera

40X-2000X Infinity Siedentopf LED Microscope+Built-in 5MP Camera

Digital microscopes are perfect for any inspection services where constant examination of small parts is mandatory. Digital stereo zoom microscopes, also known as industrial stereo microscopes, are preferred by quality control labs and in fields of study such as petrology, gemology, and even numismatics.

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