Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Darkfield Microscopes

A darkfield microscope is when the background is dark and/or blacked out and the viewed image or specimen appears brighter in color and intensity. This type of microscopy is ideal for viewing live specimens, such as bacteria and blood cell samples. We have microscopes to suit your darkfield needs in microscopy. If you already have a microscope with us we also offer microscope accessories and supplies that can be incorporated into your existing compound microscope for darkfield capabilities. You can upgrade with a higher intensity light and illuminator. 

The way a darkfield microscope works is the light from the bottom of the microscope is blocked in between the condensing lens below the stage. This blockage of light allows for light to enter from the sides of the stage. The viewer will only see the scattered fragments of light illuminating the specimen; The background will appear dark. Advantages of darkfield microscopy are that you will get quality, high contrast images using cost effective equipment.

Suggested Microscope:
40X-1600X Compound Darkfield 2MP Digital Microscope
Model No: M824-A191-C20C

This model offers binocular viewing with both darkfield and brightfield system options. It comes with a 2.0 megapixel digital camera system that allows for still and live image capturing via USB connection to a computer. This microscope also offers eight magnification settings and is idea for students, laboratory purposes, and experiments.

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