Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspection Microscopes

Inspection Microscopes

Inspection microscopes offer a wide field system. Our model comes with a USB digital camera that can be used with a TV and/or computer. These microscopes are good for labs, gemologists, and engravers. They are also useful in semiconductor and manufacturing industries.

OMAX 3D Rotary Inspection Microscope
This microscope has many useful features including:
  • ·         A bright LED ring light
  • ·         A 360 degree panoramic view with 3-D inspection
  • ·         A wide field view of specimen
  • ·         A view of live and still images
  • ·         A built in camera; no computer and/or TV hookup is needed

With this microscope you have many options for views and settings. You can slide the attachments in and out for a 2-D and 3-D view.  It also allows you to have live or still slide viewings of organisms.  You can also have side by side comparisons on one screen, which is ideal for lab research and observation purposes. 

Check out our 3 dimensional rotary inspection microscope with 7:1 Zoom capability
Model No: PD512VGA

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