Monday, February 4, 2013

Microscope 101:

Microscopy..whether it be for educational purposes, research, or just plain curiosity..we all have to learn the basics. After this tutorial you will be able to identify the various aspects of a basic microscope and be able to know how to adjust the settings and magnification accordingly.

Microscope Component Overview:

  • Binocular Eyepieces: Looking lens for your microscope
  • Objectives: Usually consisting of 3 magnification settings 
  • Stage: Hold your slides in place
  • Light source: Illuminate image at hand
  • Fine focus control: fine focus adjustments
  • Rough focus control: rough focus adjustments
  • Stage control Adjustments: adjusts stage closer and farther and from side to side
  • Dimmer switch: Controls light source level and intensity

Adjusting Your Microscope:
  • Turn on light source
  • Adjust stage and light settings
  • Start off on lowest magnification setting
  • Adjust focus on image under slide

Now that you have a better understanding about the basics of a compound and stereo microscope you can browse our inventory to find out which microscope suits your personal and educational needs.

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