Friday, February 15, 2013

Microscope Accessories

     So you've purchased a microscope from us? Chances are you've already tried your hand at viewing various objects at high and low magnifications. Now you want to know all the upgrades and further potential your microscope is capable of. Some possibilities include looking into purchasing more accessories to increase the potential of your existing microscope.

Accessories you may be interested in from our website include: 

a. CCD camera for watching though computer monitors or your TV
b. Camera and video monitor adapters.
c. Condensers and sets such as bright field, darkfield, aspherical lens, and polarization set
d. Illumination Sets
e. Thermal control stage (keeps the stage at a certain temperature to make the specimen alive)
f. Attachable mechanical stage
g. Extra eyepieces
h. Slides, covers, prepared slides, and immersion oil
i. Spare bulbs

Check out some of best selling microscope accessories at

Prepared and Blank Microscope Slides

6 Watt LED Illuminator

Halogen Bulbs with Reflector 21V/150


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