Monday, May 6, 2013

Compound Microscopes 101

A compound microscope can be used for medical research to a day at the beach. A compound microscope includes an eyepiece, stage clips, and objectives with different lenses, adjustable knobs, a power button, and a stage with light source. Other parts include the body, nose piece, arm, and stage stop.

It can be used in various science fields such as Microbiology and Geology. Forensic investigators and scientists identify crystal shapes to reference pharmaceuticals and other medical needs. Microscopes can also help them see human cells, minerals, and metals. 

The setup of the optical parts plays an important ole in working with a compound microscope. The condenser focuses light onto the specimen with either bright-field or darkfield condenser attachments. 

By understanding these basics, you can independently carry out an experiment for observing minute objects of your interest, and try to explore some of the incredible things with the help of this wonderful instrument. Nowadays, compound microscopes are used in various domains, within or outside science. Care should be taken while buying any of the microscopes, be it compound or digital microscope. For better understanding, you can always discuss with a science teacher or an expert.

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