Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gem Microscopes

A gem microscope is similar to a biological or medical microscope in that it is binocular, and uses compound lenses. 

A binocular magnifying device has two eyepieces so that both eyes are used at once. This is ideal for getting a good three dimensional view. In a compound scope, there is a set of lenses close to the object being magnified and a set in the eyepieces.
With this set-up, magnification is compounded, meaning that, for example, if the objective lens is 5x and the ocular lens is 10x, the total magnification is 50X (5X x 10X).

Gem scopes differ from biological scopes in that the total maximum magnification is usually lower and there are more lighting options. 

Professional grade gem microscopes generally include:

  • brightfield illumination
  • darkfield illumination
  • oblique fighting
  • overhead lighting
  • light diffusing system
  • a system for immersing the object in liquid in a well for viewing
  • polarizing lighting
  • pivoting stone holder
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