Friday, May 3, 2013

Multi Viewing Attatchments

A multi-viewing attachment is one of the most beneficial accessories for your microscope if you are interested in group research and observations. Most multi-viewing microscopes are designed to allow for anywhere from two to six viewers. Over the years consumers wanted more heads for larger conferences and research and also for teaching purposes. Nowadays there are systems with even up to ten to a dozen heads, while they function properly, the image quality is not the greatest with so many heads. This is because any microscope with more then six heads will make the light not be evenly distributed  The light gets harder to find and all the users may not be seeing the same quality image.

For teaching purposes, two or more persons to view the specimen simultaneously is a great feature. It is also useful got presentations. We recommend out dual binocular model which is great for labs, demonstrations, clinics, universities, and schools.  Shop double binocular head compound microscope here.

Features Include:
-4 levels of magnification
-Dual binocular heads
-2 pairs of eyepieces
-4 achromatic objectives
-Variable intensity illumination

Double Binocular Head Compound Microscope 40x~1000x

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